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Performance Monitoring for Elevators

Performance Monitoring for Elevators

It's simple to be connected to your elevators and escalators with ORM, the elevator monitoring/event notification service from Kings III.

What is Online Remote Monitoring (ORM)?

Kings III ORM is an elevator and escalator performance monitoring and event notification service that provides an at-a-glance view of whole campus elevator status. ORM comes complete with EMIT, the Elevator Monitoring Interrogation Tool, and uses existing ADA line, cellular service, ethernet or Wi-Fi connections providing for an affordable initial cost and a low monthly monitoring fee.

The ORM controller interface monitors for degrading performance and notifies you when operations are out of range. ORM allows you to test elevator operation via elevator hall call at customized intervals or at will (where permitted) and provides a record of service visits.

Key Features:

  • Connect to any elevator, escalator or moving walk- visible in one platform!
  • Campus wide viewing via iPad* app. Real-time available with ORM3.
  • Cost benefit of the service based model
  • Immediate notification of high priority events
  • Sortable log of all events available indefinitely
  • Receive notifications via phone, SMS text message and/or email.

*iPad is the property of Apple, Inc.

Elevator Contractors: Affordable remote monitoring and event notification is now available regardless of controller type. Using existing ADA lines, ORM requires no new phone lines. 24/7 monitoring and web accessible data provide the knowledge and tools that help you better manage your elevators, their service, and prove their uptimes.

Setup is simple. Just use your web browser to access our secure ORM servers and select controller make and model. Then simply print the wiring diagram for your specific installation.