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How Our Emergency Communications Center Handles Entrapments

How does an emergency communications center actually handle an elevator entrapment? This blog post walks you through an actual recording of an elevator entrapment that occurred and the procedure that Kings III goes through to take care of it.

Allie Lewis

Posted on February 17 2016

By Allie Lewis, Content Marketing Specialist Kings III

An Inside Look at Our Emergency Communications Center: The EDC

This blog features interview questions with several of our emergency communications dispatchers including what their favorite thing about their job is, the craziest call they've ever gotten and more.

Allie Lewis

Posted on February 11 2016

By Allie Lewis, Content Marketing Specialist Kings III

Property Manager Tenant Retention

Avoid the Property Manager's Enemy: Tenant Turnover

Tenant retention is huge for the property manager in order to avoid excessive costs. Nothing can guarantee tenant retention, but this blog post highlights some aspects that can definitely influence it.

Allie Lewis

Posted on February 3 2016

By Allie Lewis, Content Marketing Specialist Kings III

Not All Emergencies are the Same

In total, our emergency dispatch center received 1,114,054 emergency communications calls last year, and not all of them are what you might expect. Learn about some examples of calls that they received and how they handled the situations.

Allie Lewis

Posted on January 25 2016

By Allie Lewis, Content Marketing Specialist Kings III

The Ins and Outs of a 911 Call

Many people think that 911 dispatch centers have the best practices and highest training for handling emergencies while this is just not the case. Learn common misconceptions about this emergency communications center that will help you make discretionary

Allie Lewis

Posted on January 19 2016

By Allie Lewis, Content Marketing Specialist Kings III

Elevator Phone Line Sharing Done Right

If you are tempted to cut your elevator phone costs by practicing line sharing, know that there is a right and wrong way to do so. This blog highlights how to share elevator phone lines while remaining code compliant.

Allie Lewis

Posted on January 14 2016

By Allie Lewis, Content Marketing Specialist Kings III

Common Misconceptions About Elevators

Both property managers and casual elevator riders alike have some incorrect ideas about elevators, how they work and when they malfunction. The good news is, most of these truths about elevators will surprise you for the better.

elevator emergency

Elevator Emergency Communications in Historic Dallas Texas

Employees bet on odds of elevator emergency communications breakdown in Historic Downtown Dallas Texas. What would you do in case of an elevator emergency?

Julie Ross

Posted on January 5 2016

By Julie Ross, President & CEO Rostin Ventures

stuck in elevator

How to Handle Getting Stuck in an Elevator

Kings III, emergency communications experts, offers up advice on what to do if you get stuck in an elevator to get yourself out with as little danger and panic as possible.

Allie Lewis

Posted on December 18 2015

By Allie Lewis, Content Marketing Specialist Kings III

Trapped in the elevator

Trapped in an Airport Elevator

How the vast difference in the way emergency calls are handled came to life for me when I experienced being trapped in an elevator for myself.

Katie Thomas

Posted on December 9 2015

By Katie Thomas, VP of Marketing Kings III

drowning prevention

Dry and Secondary Drowning

If you have a pool on your property, you and your residents need to be aware of dry and secondary drowning. This blog post provides tips on symptoms to look out for, prevention methods and what to do in the event of a dry or secondary drowning.

Dakota Thornton

Posted on July 9 2015

By Dakota Thornton, Business Development Coordinator Manager Kings III